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Originally Posted by Mojo31 View Post
After the 2008 crash, there were a couple of houses in our neighborhood that were specs that the builders had a hard time selling. One of them was next door to ours.

Some guy found out about them, and would talk the builders into leasing them to him one-by-one. The guy would lease one, move in, and then never pay rent. He would just squat until the owner could get him out. When he was booted from the one next to us, every floor and countertop in the house looked like that car. Fast food bags and containers were a foot deep on the floors and counters. Sunny D and cheap wine bottles were another two foot deep everywhere you looked. He ended up doing that to three houses in our little neighborhood until people got wise.

Came to find out that the Sunny D bottles in that quantity are a sign of a meth addict. Seems that it help them recover after a bad binge.

I never met the guy, but saw him a few times. He was a really weird duck, but to see him you'd think he was just some rich weird dude. Both he and his partner drove $200k Mercedes.
My crazy ex-boss apparently became a meth-head, at least for a while (lost track of him). His drink of choice was the Starbuck's Frappaccino. Meth was new-ish at the time and the signs weren't widely known, but death breath and a constant stream of Frappaccinos, combined with mood swings and grandiosity should have been a clue.
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