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Originally Posted by furiousferret View Post
110 one way, but we have to go through LA (or over through Palmdale) so 4-5 hours on the road. The wife goes with me to all races which adds the complication of her travel; its a debate to race because she doesn't want to spend all weekend on the road when she travels the weeks before and after. Its a weird problem to have and if I start racing full time again (and not picking and choosing races that only fit my strengths) it'll be an issue.

About the FTP; my guess is I could do 90% of my ftp, I'm at 285ish, so 250-255 should be the mark but I can never come close to that on a TT bike. I can't blame the bike, its either me being tired and often times its road furniture (cars, lights, etc) that screw up my interval. We really don't have a great 40k course that I've found.
Through LA on Sunday morning is not bad at all. Going home would be less fun. We have this exact paradigm when I race Fiesta. We leave a little before 4am and the drive with zero traffic is slightly over 2 hours. Coming home, with traffic, itís over 3 hours. I really like Fiesta though- the flat course, closed to cars, held start and the overall vibe of it. Same situation here- my husband is my soinguer so thatís a factor too, you realize that youíre eating up a big chunk of two peopleís day. He claims to not mind until that 3am alarm goes off on a Sunday. Then heís a little grumpy, lol.

Now I understand the FTP comment, youíre talking about on the TT bike. My FTP is always set on the TT bike so for me riding FTP for an hour in a TT is a given. We just assume my road bike FTP is a little higher but would never do anything with that number so Iíve never tested it.

A male friend of mine got the Merckx course record recently at Piru, which made me realize the womenís Merckx is ripe to be plucked. I beat that time in my first ever TT there, which was on my road bike, but I wasnít registered in a Merckx class. So Iím thinking this summer, Iíll go race a Merckx TT there and try to get the course record.

Im thinking of doing Breathless Agony next year and if so, Iíll come do some training rides in your area. The drive is a pain but itís really not that bad.
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