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Originally Posted by elijahbc View Post
I plan on using drop bars with bar end friction shifters, currently thinking Dura Ace SL-BS77 if I go with the 9 speed. The Gevenalle shifters look interesting. Are they as reliable as bar end shifters? The shifting cables in my STI shifters on other bikes wear out every 2k miles or so.

I didn't think to just have an extra 22T chain ring to swap out before tours. Excellent idea.

For the fenders, I proposed the stainless steel fenders because I expect they would be more durable. Is this not the case? The aesthetic of the fenders is not a big priority for me. The frame carries the aesthetic already :-D
re friction shifting--for the front its great, quiet, exact etc, but I just don't get why folks even consider friction for the rear. I mean, from a reliability, properly working aspect, my 1991 tourer with dt shifters and indexed works as perfectly now as it did all those years ago. Every bike I've had since the late 80s sometime have had indexed rear shifting, and my experience is that its totally reliable.
Sure, sti can wear due to that sharp angle curve, but even then I find mine last a good long time, certainly more than 3000kms, but no matter, they can and do fray (and unseen out of sight )
The gevenalles are pretty much bar end units mounted on hoods. If your rd and everything is adjusted properly (ie not too much tension shifting to large cog) then I'd say that cables last teh same as with bar ends.
I chose them purposely to not use bar end shifters, didnt want sti's for the bikes use, and found them immediately intuitive and fine to use.
I like them but they are just another option.

re fenders, I find the chromoplastic or whatever it is to be a super tough material, but stainless steel is certainly a diff aesthetic, but Ive never had steel fenders, so dont really have an opinion on them.
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