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I think what will end up happening is we might see manufacturers open up more tubeless options, both clincher and tubular. TUFO has been making true tubeless tires for bicycles longer than anyone else. Their casings are vulcanized right through to the inner wall, making them airtight. I know they're not as sexy as the other top tier brands, but they are also not as big of a company. With access to more capital for R+D, and maybe a top team that's heavily involved in research (UKSI or Aus), then I think you can expect to see some very fast tires from them. I had access to some of their off-market stuff, and it was pretty neat. They had shipped me a set of 109g tubulars to try, test, and send back. It was crazy to feel a tire that light, and there was rumor that they did go lighter for single weekend stuff.
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