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Originally Posted by jefnvk View Post
If you think ebikes can't say they are bike touring, but putting your bike on a train is fine, we are so far apart that there is no point in continuing this. It is utterly idiotic to think that using a train is a natural part of touring.....
some riders will use buses/trains to skip boring sections. others will fly from city
to city....and do a circuit of the area then move to next location. point is they
are riding 100% under their own power during the tour.

you mean if i fly nyc to salt lake, then ride my bicycle from salt lake to dallas,
then fly back to nyc........i did NOT just do a salt lake to dallas cycle tour?

would you say taking a ferry across a river counts as "assistance" so it's no longer
a bicycle tour? that it's the equivalent of adding an assist motor?

am i allowed to take my bike in the elevator to the 5th floor of the hotel, or do
i need to ride up-down the stairs to count as completing the tour under my
own power?


motorcycle touring is touring on a motorcycle.
ebike touring is touring on an ebike.
cycle touring is touring on a bike.

motorbikes aren't ebikes aren't bicycles.

legal definitions can be changed to whatever you want. i'm sure
if shimano decides to push their latte grinding e-bike component
group as the future of cycling, they have the cash to convince
the lawmakers to re-write the laws to their benefit.

neil has a good set of rules. human power only. no gray areas.
(one or two mentions over ten years and 10000 articles is insignificant)
his site is geared more to trip reports and travel blogs.

this here site is for discussing cycle touring. ebike touring is close
enough, there's enough overlap where the two can get co-exist, so
long as specific ebike questions go in the more appropriate ebike
subforum. (hmmm....but then what of threads about lighting and
gps and recharging laptops.....should maybe go in e-gadgets forum?)

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