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Originally Posted by jefnvk View Post
The point is, by many definitions, they are, whether you accept it or not. By many others, they admittedly are not. What is uttely confounding is that you apparently do see ebikes as more akin to an 1100cc Harley than the bike built on the exact same frame without a little electric motor. If that is the logic you are truly using, it is rather pointless to continue with you, too. Live in your macho world, to be honest I don't think the ebike touring community gives two craps that you hate what they call their activity.
I've never called eBikes motorcycles I called them motorbikes which is what they are. They are two-wheeled-vehicles with motors. Lightweight eBikes (250watt motors) produce considerably more power than than the 170watts that an average cyclist pedals. The legal eBike limit (in many places) of 750watts is closer to wattage of a professional cyclist. Real human power is not required accept to move the pedals around to trigger the assist-motor.

100%-human-powered bicycle touring is what is forum has always been about. Sorry you don't understand that and have to resort to mockery.

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