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Originally Posted by KrispyK View Post
Thanks for all the advice and great reading that has been on here as I get into track racing. Loved my first race I did last week.

Couple of questions though.

1. Any thoughts on Raketa chainrings, cogs and lockrings. I like the idea of a 16 notch BB lockring instead of having to use a lockring tool.

2. I ride on the track twice a week currently and commute by bicycle to work and school. Due to time constraints my outdoor training time is limited. Any tips or recommendations for trainer programs and workouts? I do ride my track bike on the trainer and like the trainer because its so time efficient for a workout.
I'm glad you are loving the sport!

As far as trainer workouts go, you can use any workout plan that a Road Criterium Racer would use. That would provide a great aerobic foundation. Those programs are easy to find for free. Here are some on Bike Forums: https://www.bikeforums.net/33-road-b...cipe-book.html

You don't need a power meter. You can use a basic heart rate monitor to determine your FTP:

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