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Originally Posted by Miele Man View Post
That big glowing orb in the sky is usually quite high above my line of sight. When it's not, I wear tinted sunglasses.

Bright daylight running lights coming directly at me is an entirely different kettle of fish especially if that light is on strobe mode.

I wish that people would not make stuff and then market it as absolutely needed in order to be safe on the roads.

To be really safe we'd need four wheels and a metal enclosure to protect us but the weight of that would be so great that we'd need a motor to move it. Gee, I think I've just described the automobile. No one has ever been hurt in an automobile have they? And they have BIG daytime running lights. ;<

Like I said in another post, there's a company that sells really bright strobe lights at various recreational tours I've been at here in South Ontario, Canada, and those lights are so bright they're obnoxious even in daytime.

I feel sorry for those bicyclists who live in areas where bicycling on a road is so dangerous.

It's not the cycling that is dangerous... it's the other road users.

Guess I have never seen a strobe that bright during the day.

I like a flashing light during the day as it catches attention of drivers that really are not looking for you at all... and where traffic is moving at 45MPH, and higher, you do want to be seen, if you are actually sharing the road.

I also like an irregular flashing pattern...

I'd love to know about these too bright to look at in daylight strobes... just so I DON'T buy one. I use an old Niterider system that honestly has served me quite well. I have replaced one of the lamps and the battery, and it does have a flash mode... but these are not xenon tubes.... just simple halogens. (yeah, that old). I don't flash at night. For rear lighting I use an LED blinky, but also that Niterider steady light, and a small blinky on the back of my helmet... that 3 light pattern just makes me more noticeable, and the steady red makes me easy to see.

But again... I have never seen a day light strobe that I could not look at... I suppose it is possible; I have seen camera flashes in daylight that made me blink.
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