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Originally Posted by _ForceD_ View Post
Maybe. Maybe not. Is this a bike you intend to use just to 'dip your toes in the triathlon waters' to see if you like the sport? If so, then yes. But that frame is probably quite heavy. It might be a nice bike to restore and use as a general road bike...which can suffice for general tri conditioning. But for a dedicated tri race bike...No. So unless you want to restore the bike for general road riding...I wouldn't put too much money/time/effort into it. Leave the downtube shifters, clean it up and get everything well-adjusted. Stick a set of clip-on aero bars on it, and do your tri to see if you like the sport. If you do...move to a bike more suitable for triathlon. Keep and restore the Miyata for general road riding.


I've already restored it. I was just wondering because apparently around 1985 it was a Triathlon type bike and I suspected that technology had left it in the dust.

It's a lovely riding bike.
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