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Originally Posted by Miele Man View Post
If a person had a Miyata 710 bike upgraded with Campagnolo Ergo levers or STI levers would it still be a good triathlon bike?

The upgrades are irrelevant. In a time trialing context, downtube shifters versus STI isn't particularly impactful, unless maybe if the time trial in question is a charge up a hill with rapidly-alternating extreme gradients. (Or if your bike doesn't fit. Bike fit matters in weird ways with downtube shifters.)

But this is all besides the point... the question you're asking has become somewhat meaningless because, starting in the late 80s, the meaning of "triathlon bike" changed in a way that causes a Miyata 710 to not be a triathlon bike. In the modern vernacular, "tri bike" refers to a style of racing bike designed around an aerobar posture, and the Miyata 710 definitely is not this.
Starting in 1984, Miyata did label the 710 as having "triathlon specific design", but this was mostly marketing fluff. At the time, "triathlon specific design" wasn't a phrase that contained very much meaning.

You can certainly go do a triathlon on a Miyata 710, though. Loads of people ride Tri on road bikes. It's typically significantly slower, but for dabbling in the sport that's not necessarily a big deal.
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