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Originally Posted by ChrisRob01 View Post
Hi Guys,

Im about a year in to track cycling, previously raced bmx.

Im mid 40ís having fun, losing weight and getting better.

Im hitting about 1600 watts of peak power at 90kg

What in your experience is a realistic max watt goal?

I know the most watts donít always win

But just interested at my age if there is still scope to get near 2000?


Yeah. If you were in a max wattage contest, I could teach you how to game the system and get max watts for a given effort.

If you are using watts as a proxy to know if you are getting stronger, then there are better ways to do that, too. Pay attention to your lifts in the gym. Very few people get close to their max possible based on the card genetics has dealt them.

People get stronger the longer they are in track racing. I started in 2009, and in 2017 I was still hitting PBs in the gym and on track to hit PBs on the bike, but I didn't complete my season. Early season numbers were close to previous season bests.

So, yes, it's very possible
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