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Originally Posted by ruudlaff View Post
I'm starting to agree, I think max wattages are a bit of a misnomer.

Our track club have been doing training weekends recently with some benchmarking and it started to open my eyes a little.

There's guys that are low 11/high 10 that are only hitting 1700(?). There's a masters racer who is putting in >2000 who is mid 11s. Even myself, I'm sitting 1600 or so at 80kg and I'm only sitting about 12.

One feedback that did come out of the benchmarking is that the cadence you hit your peak is as important as the peak itself (especially for gearing)
"Cadence" you say?

Hmmm...I'd swear that there was some chap preaching for years around here that cadence is the metric to watch (not power)
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