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Originally Posted by ChrisRob01 View Post
Hi Guys,

Im about a year in to track cycling, previously raced bmx.

Im mid 40ís having fun, losing weight and getting better.

Im hitting about 1600 watts of peak power at 90kg

What in your experience is a realistic max watt goal?

I know the most watts donít always win

But just interested at my age if there is still scope to get near 2000?


Thanks all

Really appreciate the guidance and feedback and all that messages

loving this journey, got a long way to go, but getting fitter, lighter and in a better aero position.

Ive noticed dropping body weight has helped a lot, lost a little on the squat but feeler quicker overall

One difference from being a bmx racer is the amount of pedalling and being constant!

itís hard work but great at the same time and pleased i can hit 210rpm on the watt bike which is better than when i was in my 20ís

Still playing with the gearings, i do naturally feel better at a higher rpm on a smaller gearing (perhaps itís bmx influence) and now iím fitter i feel i can maintain it better

I probably will need to get used to a bigger gearing in time


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