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Originally Posted by Tundra_Man View Post
On the way to the client's location I stopped by the hospital for my regular blood thickness check. I was in range again (which is a good thing.) I always feel weird walking into the coagulation waiting room as there are a lot of people in really bad condition sitting there, and in I stroll with my helmet and all my gear. They're always amazed that I ride my bicycle, so I think I'm the only patient they have that does so. Sometimes I wonder that perhaps if some of these people were riding their bicycles they may not be patients?
I had some similar thoughts going through rehab a couple years ago. It's tempting to let resentment take over -- why am I here when I've been so good? But then I'd stop to remember that I was still there, against the odds, and I could live with that. (Literally!)

Back to topic: My doctor told me the only reason I'm still alive is all the cycling I'd been doing. I figure that includes commuting by bike, as that's 1/3 to 2/3 of my riding every year.
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