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Evening Commute 10/28/19 - 63F, 5.78 miles in 32 min

Morning Commute 10/29/19 - 52F, 5.55 miles in 30 min
Evening Commute 10/29/19 - 60F, 5.95 miles in 31 min

Morning Commute 10/30/19 - 56F & rain, 5.42 miles in 32min
Evening Commute 10/30/19 - 60F & light rain, 6.1 miles in 31 min - My shoes were still soaked from the morning so I road home wearing my office dress shoes. Been commuting home in my office clothes quite a bit lately since the weather has been getting cooler rather than changing back into my gear.

Morning Commute 10/31/19 - 54F, 6.41 miles in 40 min (forgot to pause recording when I ran into the grocery store for a moment)
Evening Commute 10/31/19 - 31F, 6.1 miles in 37 min

Morning Commute 11/1/19 - 28F, 8.41 miles in 55min
Evening Commute -- Actually I ended up leaving work early (just after 11:00 AM) to help my wife deal with our apt complex because the heat had gone out, I ended up putting in about 10 miles between various errands before all was said and done, so about 1hr and 5 min of running around between home, the bank, grocery store, etc.

Morning Commute 11/4/19 - 35F, 5.4 miles in 30 min.

I was running about 5 minutes faster on average with my old bike, than the new one. I'm chalking most of it up to the trigger shifters that despise downshifting. I end up spinning in lower gears a lot more just so I can be in a lower gear for a take off at the next stop. With the Trek and it's grip shifts I could cycle through gears a lot more quickly than these particular trigger shifters seem to allow.
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