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Originally Posted by 2500W View Post
Koga Kinsei should take many of the medals in sprint events.

Lafargue, Rudyk and Awang and relevant teammates should ride Look T20/R96.

Glaetzer & Co. on Argon 18 Pro.

Brits either on Cervelo or new Lotus-Hope.

Largest sizes of the above mentioned have pretty long reach and front-center, some 450 and 650mm, respectively.

However, Yuta Wakimoto & Co. performed very well on their short Bridgestones. Even the large size of this brand has reach just under 400mm. Wakimoto won silver 0.036s behind Lavreysen i.e. some 70cm or just a wheel! I would expect him to compete in the sprint in Tokyo.
Pretty sure Awang will continue to ride that unreasonably pricey bike with the weird front wheel that he and other Malaysians rode at the WC's.

Also the new Bridgestone looks pretty long to me, and has nothing to do with the Bridgestone that you can buy. Wakimoto is relatively tall.
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