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Originally Posted by djb View Post
hey, if you're cool with using it, that's all that matters. As for multi gear sweeps, I have to say that I do occasionally appreciate this with my Gevenalle shifters on my touring bike.

remember I said I was an old motorcycle guy? So an Ural... very cool. I've only seen one in the flesh here in Montreal. Wow, fuel injection, but as you say, rest appears very old school. I started riding in the 70s so rode a bunch of that era bikes, which we look back on as with iffy brakes, suspension, chassis that did the hula dance in corners....
Those Urals really have a unique, 60s 70s aesthetic, not to mention the whole eastern bloc soviet thing gong on. Must be a hoot to ride. I've never ridden a sidecar bike, but have watched some sidecar racing trackside back when I did some production circuit racing in the 80s... now those guys are nuts!
Yes, the Ural is a unique experience. It really brings a smile to my face. A sidecar is completely different to ride than a standard motorcycle. There is a bit of a learning curve, but it's so enjoyable.
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