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Mrs. GeneJockey was of for a few days of R&R with her gal pals, and made it clear before she went that she didn't want me riding IRL while she was gone, so I Zwifted instead. I learned an important lesson - one month is forever in Computer Years. I hadn't had the laptop that runs Zwift open since May, and of course hadn't opened Zwift, either. So, as a result, the 45 minutes I set aside before a Zwift race I wanted to do, which was supposed to allow 15 minutes for Zwift updating and 30 for a nice warmup turned into just about 12 minutes of warmup that was interrupted by the realization that my bladder would not make it through the entire race comfortably, so I had to *clack,clack,clack* through the house, pee, and *clack,clack,clack* back, just in time for 2:30 of warmup before the start.

It reminded me of the first few after-work rides after DST kicks in - it takes FOREVER to make sure I have everything I need packed to go in the car. So far, I haven't forgotten shoes, fortunately.

Last night I just rode around the new Makuri Island world, doing the same 8 mile loop 3 times and somehow managed to get all 3 times within 6 seconds of each other.

No ride today, but I think I'll take tomorrow off, make it a FOUR day weekend, and spend time on the actual road.
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