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Originally Posted by colnago62 View Post
Thanks for the information. Based on your information, I think I will buy them. I really need a daily set of wheels and it sounds like these will be fine for that. They are the Stallion wheelset, so 20/28. I was a little worried about the weight when climbing, but really It wonít matter cause I am going to get dropped anyway 😂😂
Haha! That's me, 100%. On new group rides I might be introduced to a friend's friend as "this guy's been racing for forever" kind of thing. And then I go shooting out the back, and the new rider looks back like, "well, if that's what a racer that's been racing forever can do, then I'll be fine."

I've used the wheels up to about 190 lbs no issues, sometimes quite heavily laden (maybe 5-6 lbs total with bottles and stuff on me?), and I have the normal 18/24 front rear, in fact every HED I have is 18/24. Never an issue, and in fact I've never trued the Jets. I trued the rear Bastogne once, and had to tension both Bastognes once.
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