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I think for 35-75 mile days your Volpes are capable bikes. My wife and I rode across the U.S. averaging over 50 miles a day for 76 consecutive days fully loaded. Depending on what tire you are using now, you might get some gain by going with a lighter tire. My Bianchi is my favorite touring bike.

This is my 2007 Volpe that I rode on our cross country trip. I replaced the original 32 mm tires with some relatively light 28 mm tires before the trip. It is a trade off between durability, comfort and weight. IMO the Volpe is a great all-around bike.

This is my 2013 Volpe. It replaced my 2007 frame ( it is a long story) The only components that are from my original bike are the bars and the shifters. The longest ride I did on this bike was 2 months in Europe. We were fully loaded and averaged about 250 miles a week. We did a lot of stopping and would take off a day in a town we wanted to explore. I used 32 mm tires on this trip, and I could tell the difference from the 28 mm tires.

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