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I did a quick review of the Fulcrum Racing 5 wheel set, and IMO they would not make a good wheel set for any kind of touring. Again, IMO these are the reasons why: I8 spoke radial laced and 20 spoke 2x laced wheels seem pretty flimsy for touring and the blade type spokes may be hard to replace on a tour. Three cross lacing provide a much stronger wheel. I have 24 spoke wheels on my light road bike, and I wonder about those sometimes. I've broken spokes on a 32 spoke front wheel several times before I replaced it with 36 spoke wheels. On a 16 or 20 spoke wheel, your rim will probably go out of true to the point that you can't ride the bike. With the 32 spoke wheels on your bike a broken spoke may only an inconvenience until you can find a bike shop.

This is a 36 spoke front wheel that I damaged coming downhill at 25- 30 mph. I hit a piece of metal and it put a bulge in my rim. I could not use the my front brake, but the rim was still round and true. I made it to a bike shop and put a new wheel on it. A 16 or 20 spoke rim would have been toast. This was a good set of wheels, hand made by a good wheel builder.

The bulge is near 9 o'clock. We cut out the hub, and I mailed it home.

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