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Originally Posted by Doug64 View Post
I finally put Supremes on our bike this fall. I had been looking for a couple of pairs for about 8 months, and finally found some 32 mms in the UK. I had them on for almost 2 weeks when I ran over a tire destroyer, a broken neck of a beer bottle. I don't think any pneumatic tire would have done any better. I just got 2 more, one is a spare. Tires were in short supply for a long time. During the short time I rode them all your comments were right on. I'm looking forward to trying them with a load. My wife also said a lot of good things about them. She has had a chance to try her's out on a short tour and really likes them.

I almost cried I put a boot in it and rode home.
ouchie wawa---geez Louise Doug, thats a doozy. Poor tire, she's a done for aint it?
Glad you tried them and interesting to hear that they've been a positive riding experience (bar fight aside)
In the end, I ended not putting many kilometres on my 32 supreme, ended up riding other bikes more, but I do hope that they last as well as the others. I think I told you that I gpt a set of 26" 1.6 supremes, which are really about 37mm wide on the Troll rims, and they roll along really nicely too.
It's definitely fun trying out different tires sometimes, a bit of a changeup anyway.

I've never wrecked a tire this bad, but I twice have had new tires get nails skewered through them, but luckily the holes were just that, small holes, and tires went on for long lives.
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