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Dual sport2 vs Marlin5

Hey guys seeking some input. I am sure I probably can't go wrong either way ive been looking at the Dual sport 2 or the marlin 5 which both fall around my budget. (appologize in advance for the long story)

To back pedal a bit. My son is 5 his previous bike I got him (12 inch little tykes or something) Had training wheels he hardly ever rode it. He rolled it down a hill a few times and crashed it in a parking lot a time or 2 but would never reailly pedal it. I tried riding it later on an realized just how bad the pedals were and now i know why. I did some reasearch and decided on getting him a woom 16 inch bike for christmas this year. Pricey but suppose to be the bees nees for a kids bike. The more I thought about it I realize he has no one to really ride with so i decided I would get me a bike as well and we could cruise together.

We stay in the country, its mostly paved / dirt roads. I was at first looking at the dual sport because i like the idea of a more relaxed ride since im 40 and out of shape but I do hope if i enjoy it as much as i used to that I can turn it into something I do a lot of on a regular basis and not only get some fun time with my son but also help me shed some lbs.

I spoke with a few shops over the phone and they busted my bubble and told me it was looking more like march or april of next year and then i found the marlin 5 that was a lot more available in my area.

Today I had a chance to visit a Trek store and they had a marlin 5 in my size and I liked it a lot. It was pouring down rain so i didn't get to take one for a spin. I was ready to walk out the door with it and they say we do have 4 dual sport 2's coming in dec 13th that have yet to be claimed. At that point decided to do the preorder on the dual sport 2 since i would have to hide my bike from my son till then anyway.

Finally on to my question I was curious what bike between those 2 you would pick? I am horrible at deciding on things 90% of the time.
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