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Originally Posted by SirMike1983 View Post
In the midst of re-building this very clean 1964 Schwinn Traveler 3-speed. I've taken it down to the frame, cleaned, lubed, and am now re-assembling.

The stainless steel fenders on this one are in very nice shape. They usually turn up all scratched and dented.

A before and after type shot of the Weinmann 810 "Schwinn Approved" brake calipers:

The transfers are all in pretty good shape on this bike. The seat tube transfer usually turns up damaged or badly discolored on these, but this one is pretty good after some light cleaning.

The wheelset has a 1964 Sturmey AW rear and Schwinn hourglass front hubs. Rims are Schwinn S5 (Westrick shape). Spokes are Union double-butted steel. The bearings and bearing surfaces all are in good shape.
That thing is super clean!
I have a '62 Traveler hanging in the basement in the taller frame. Its fenders are trashed and the original starburst headbadge is chipped. Its biggest fault is that the threads on the fork are a bit sketchy, when I backed off the lock nut the cone popped right off. The threads on the fork are very shallow, either stripped or miss-cut. Someone before me had wrapped the threads with tape and forced the top nut down over it all.

I've been searching for a good set of fenders and a black fork for 25 years or so. I have a 65 in green with a badly rusted out frame that may donate the forks if I want to paint a set of forks. A cheap set of Wald fenders would get it going and looking decent again but I hate not using all original parts. The original fenders are both rusted on the inside, the stays are mangled, and there are thousands of dents. The front fender looks like it got sucked up into the tire at one point, straightened back out.
The wheels are near mint though, with a vintage set of Goodyear tires that are in really nice shape.
The '62' stamped fenders that came with mine don't have the crested front fender, just plain fenders.
I actually bought the bike while on vacation years ago and used it as it was for a week there, then took it apart, packed it in the car and came home with it. After I took it apart, I couldn't believe it rode as good as it did. The bearings were completely dry, the cables were rusted, and the brake pads were petrified. Its been apart in a few boxes since around 1996.
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