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SRM track cranks question.

I went to install my 24mm axle Origin cranks (alum arms). The spindle appears to be about 5mm too long, i.e. the crank arm is all the way on the spindle and I can move the whole arm/spindle assembly left and right about 5mm.

Arms are all the way on the spindle, meaning the spacer sleeve is flush with the crank arm flat area (under the crank arm bolt), the spindle end is flush with that as well.

The drive side appears to be fixed, meaning I don't mess with it?

If I slide the whole assembly to the right, the left arm sits nicely against the BB shell and looks proper. But if I seat the drive side all the way the left arm moves to the left.

The spacer sleeves (to space out the 24mm spindle to 30mm) came with two very thin o-rings, maybe 1-2mm thick. They're meant to pick up any slack if the spindle is moving side to side but it's moving a solid 5mm if not a touch more, much more than the o-rings would fill.

It almost seems like I need to use a headset spacer to fill the gap, but that doesn't seem right.

Is there something I missed?
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