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Originally Posted by MinnMan View Post
One of the obvious red flags of people using an electronic assist is that they output high STEADY power. I've seen people buzzing by at various high power outputs - say 8 W/kg (or the other day, 33.3 W/kg!) and no fluctuations at all. You show me the rider who can hold 8 W/kg (or even 6.5 W/kg) without some small fluctuations up and down. That's not human.
My recollection was that every time I looked, the power was 6.46W/kg, and as you say, remarkably stable. So there's that, plus the fact that the rider was never 'coned' despite clearly far exceeding the limits of 'D'.

It occurred to me that perhaps this was bait, to see who'd chase it and exceed the power limits of the category. I actually started chasing when they were still within sight, figuring they would have to slow down sometime. But no.
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