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Originally Posted by Doge View Post
Nice I'm not the only guy that often feels that way - and I don't race the bike I ride.

This is a sport that disadvantages one class over another.
-based on age.
-based on health (PED use allowed by some, not others)
-mandated prize size for genders, so net profit losers for promoters. (State laws)
-has dudes compete with women
Why is anyone surprised something is not fair?
Yup. Totally get it. I won’t let it keep me from doing what I enjoy doing. But, I can always exercise choice.

It will probably take a day or so to hear back, but based on when I posted there’s only so many things that were going on local to me if you need a small clue.

I seek no remedy really. As you said, life’s not fair and sometimes sport isn’t either. But, best I can say is at work we tell people all the time “if you’d only said something!”. So, I did. Now I await the response.
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