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Haven't heard back, might not. I talked to Topflight in PM a bit about it. I'l go ahead and post up.

Myself and a couple others at the weekend TT race went by the published route map. When I went through the fiinish round-about, I took the 2nd exit per the published route. Nobody was at that turn when I came through that part of the course.

This resulted in myself (and maybe one or two others) getting a DQ.

I specifically asked at checkin about changes to the route, and specifically asked about the finish as there's a couple turns there to get right. I was told "it's per the published route online". Ok. Then I get there to that point and it's downwind and I'm approaching it at about 25mph and see a volunteer or staff member about 30 yards away from the turn kind of motioning to not short-cut the roundabout by going against traffic. OK. Nobody was in the roundabout to point you down the changed route around the back of the parking lot.

Topflight's acquaintance got sent the right way. Given what was available to me, there's no way on God's green Earth I could have gone any different path.

It was windy AF and the signs were flapping around. In my pre-ride I went out to the main road, then back into the park using the published route.

Honestly, I can't accept that I should have done anything even more extra here. If I specifically ask about how the finish arrival is, somebody should have been able to describe that change to me. I asked.

Now, I've got a DQ instead of a W. Even with the piece behind the parking lot, I would have won my class.

**** happens, but I've never ever ever done another event with any ambiguity as to which way to go. Gravel grinder, TT, duathlon, 1/2 marathon, road race.........I drag raced my car years back...........all of it was very obvious.

I just politely disagree that something in the system failed to guide every competitor the right direction. I know for sure it's happened before at UCI road and TT events in the past. They had a lady on Fast-talk podcast describe why she doesn't make races an "A+" priority after getting a DQ in an almost identical scenario.

Soccer cones on Amazon are like $5 a set. I'll donate some. Would have made this guy's day.

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