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Originally Posted by wgscott View Post
A friend of mine who developed polycythemia vera found that he no longer got altitude sickness.

However, people who have polycythemia vera typically die from the blood clots. My friend has probably had a couple dozen stents put in over the years.

Given that we now know that massive blot clotting is one of the major sources of complications and death from SARS-CoV-2, administering EPO is quite possibly the worst way imaginable to increase oxygenation.

It does make me wonder if the clotting complications develop as a consequence of oxygen shortage -- i.e., the body cranks up its own production of EPO, and that in turn causes clotting? (This is merely speculative on my part.)

It might suggest suppressing natural over-expression of EPO could help prevent some of these complications.
Good point about clotting. But, there may be target ranges of HCT that would improve oxygenation at minimal risk.

I had an acquaintance a few years ago with the polycythemia. he had regular blood-letting. But, he also chain smoked, and perhaps it was in part related to carbon monoxide.
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