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Originally Posted by twoducks View Post
Thanks, Sixty Fiver. I've seen one other red one around town (Toronto) that is in much better shape than mine.
The only Superbe I know of in the U.S. market that came in that two-tone scheme was the '64 Superbe Sports Deluxe. The SSD was Bronze Green with black darts and headtube though, and had matching Bronze Green metallic Bluemels fenders (you have to see them to believe 'em).

Your location is a dead giveaway that it's most likely a Canadian variant though. The Canadian models throughout the 1960's and 1970's notably differ from those sold in the U.S.; white fenders are common on the '60s Sports (forgot what year this started and ended), and the post-1973 examples were produced in an eye-splitting lime green that wasn't available across the border. I believe they did a bright orange variant during this time frame as well. Quite unusual, and possibly the most outlandish colors ever put on the Sports; 10 times more so then the two variants of bright yellow applied to the U.S.-market machines.

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