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Pure road, fast riding: GP5KTL 28mm at 75-80 psi.
Mixed surface road or smooth gravel: GK TLC 32mm at 37-40 psi.

The GP5KTLs have great grip and a very smooth feel. They also feel damned fast. The GK TLCs are impressively fast rolling for such cushy tires at low PSI, I can do most any group ride with them except the race sim type stuff.

I found both tires easy to set up on the rims I'm using. I got the GP5KTLs mounted with my hands and inflated them with just a track pump. I have used many Panaracer tires, and I've found they are particularly easy to set up reliably on a variety of rims. I do own a 6gal compressor and a Prestaflator, the best investment you can make if you have a bunch of bikes set up tubeless.
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