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Originally Posted by heatnikki View Post
I just started the final season of Bosch
Beat me to it!

We're binge-ing it right now. We're on S3, E5, and so far its been okay... just okay.

Titus Welliver is an enigma. He's truly a deadpan. His body motions are stiff and kind of weird. When he stands, his posture sucks. His shoulders are rounded and droopy, and he craned his head and neck in awkward directions to face other actors during dialog. He's a little flabby, and definitely does not fill the shoes of this lead role. I like the show, but I can't see why it has lasted for 7 seasons.

The best actors on this series in my humble opinion are: Lance Reddick (Irving), and Paul Calderon (Santiago).

The series plays out like a nighttime soap opera. The sets and scenes are weak, but I will have to say that they nail it every now and then with great background scenery, especially the nighttime view of the city from Bosch's splendid house in the hills. I love the noir aspect of this series, and I've always been fan of LA-style noir. I also like the theme music, and the music within the episodes. They nailed that part of it.

Way too much dialog - so much that its easy to get lost in it. The script writers clearly havent mastered the art of adding information to the plot without the characters beating it to death verbally. I find that if I am tired or even the slightest bit distracted, I will lose some bit if important info and need to back it up to give it a second look.

Once is a while there is comedic elements that will make me burst into laughter. Rare in this show, but fun when it happens.

There is also a lot of scenes in this show that challenge my sense of reality, and the world as we know it. Its just so hard to swallow that the big wheels in the government of the city of LA have a personal interest in speaking directly to Bosch. In real life there would be many layers of asskissers between the mayor and Bosch, or even the police commander, Irving, and Bosch.

Overall I rate Bosch a 3/5. Its not a must-watch, but worth it if you invest some time into it.
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