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Originally Posted by wildjim
I don't understand all the fuss as it has always been easy for me to mount a new tubular tire on the rim.

Some glue gets on my finger tips but it's a small amount and easily removed.

I could maybe understand a woman or someone with small hands and lack of physical strength may not be able to mount a new tubular tire.

Maybe it's the brand of tire used. I use Vittoria CX, Continental Sprinter and Challenge tubular tires.

When I am on the road, I don't want to be wasting 20 min. waiting for glue to tack. It is too easy not to pre-streach & pre-inflate. I think I can still pretty quick @ changing a tubular. Personally, I would rather tinker with my toys in the garage while drinking a beer & relaxing, vic on the road.

I doubt that it is the hand size/strength thing you mentioned either. While my upper body strength isn't what it was in my prime, it ain't bad either.

Different strokes for different folk. Just my $02. Bob
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