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Originally Posted by Bob S.
When I am on the road, I don't want to be wasting 20 min. waiting for glue to tack. It is too easy not to pre-streach & pre-inflate. I think I can still pretty quick @ changing a tubular. Personally, I would rather tinker with my toys in the garage while drinking a beer & relaxing, vic on the road.

I doubt that it is the hand size/strength thing you mentioned either. While my upper body strength isn't what it was in my prime, it ain't bad either.

Different strokes for different folk. Just my $02. Bob
The spare tubular tire should be glued prior to storage under the seat or wherever as it will be ready when needed.

The typical recommended tubular tire glue; such as Vittoria Mastik does not dry hard as it is a contact cement designed to adhere to the glue already applied on the rim then form a bond under compression as the tubular tire is inflated on the rim. This is why I believe that stretching the tubular tire too much may deform or damage it and reduce the amount of compression the tire may otherwise have had. Barnett's method suggests that the tire may be stretched as inflated on a wheel for 24 hours prior to mounting to ease the mounting procedure but not as a tubular tire storage method.

As designed tubular tire should not be inflated without the support of a wheel as compression without proper support will damage the base tape and or rip the stitching.

Practically the tubular tire is designed ready to mount and use as the glue is properly applied to both surfaces of the rim and the tubular tire base tape. The instructions are printed on the tube of tubular tire glue.

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