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Did a solo 225k ride yesterday. Not any official BRM, but I suppose practically no difference since the reason I rode was to complete a 200k this month, official or no. The route I chose was front-loaded, hilly for the first half and flat during the second. Good thing I set it up this way, I paced way too hard at the beginning and my legs were hurting pretty much the entire second half of the ride. There was even a short section where I got caught up in the middle of a fast group and, since it was along a narrow stretch of road I stuck with them instead of letting the entire group pass me (at least until the junction where we headed separate ways). No cramping though, even though muscles threatened to, I made sure to do lots of low torque, high cadence pedaling to deal with it.

But overall was a pretty good experience of bad pacing and how not to pace a 200k, lol.

The lockdowns in my country are not fully removed yet though, just loosened. I went through a total of five police checkpoints throughout the route. No issues for me, they seem to just wave cyclists past, but motor vehicles all got questioned. Also had to get my temperature taken and scan a QR code with my phone every time I went into a store, even just for some water. A necessity, but still an annoyance nevertheless.
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