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Originally Posted by chrisx View Post
If you do not donate he will delete you.

you can read the journals

if you post you must donate

many a person told elobrate storys, just to get deleted.

do not take a chance on posting there, it could be a waste of time, unless you pay.

spend hours telling a story than pay for the space, or get deleted, simple as that

he sells advertiseing, is that not enough?
None of this is true. I don't charge for posting, and I don't delete you if you don't donate.

Basically this person is, as I recall, someone I kicked off the site back in 2011 for posting a weird profile page. I had an email exchange with him that was also weird, and inconclusive, and ultimately it seems that I didn't allow him back in.

One thing I have learned over the last 15 years of running the site is that sometimes you have to ban people, but it doesn't end there. They don't just disappear, sometimes they harbor grudges for literally years and pop up in threads like this one.

Based on the subsequent behavior of some of these people, it just confirms that my original decision to keep them off my site was the correct one, later fallout such as we see here notwithstanding. Never a pleasant experience, but it is what it is, part of being a website admin.

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