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Originally Posted by rifraf View Post
Hi Marcus,
Where is it suggested you can't charge "on the go" without the propriety battery?
They moved the damned USB port.

With the Edge 1000, they obscured the USB port with the right-handed out-front mounts (like Garmin's own or K-Edge). Which is to charge while riding you wanted a left-handed out-front mount, like the BarFly4.

With the 1030, the USB port moved to the stem-plate-facing-edge of the computer. Only way you're charging that puppy via USB is if it is on a standard 1/4 turn plate mount (not the loved out-front ones). This being the touring sub, I suppose there are more people with aerobars than the Road sub-who might use a tri-bar 1/4 turn I suppose there's a higher-percentage of non-out-front-mount users.

OTOH for as ubiquitous as out-the-front-mounting go it is a dumb dumb move.
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