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Originally Posted by 3alarmer View Post
...if this were me, and I was experiencing this problem, I would probably try this first. I would also probably through bolt the larger replacement, and nut it on the inside of the dropout, if possible. If I could find a bolt I could adapt so that the part going through the dropout was not threaded, but only the end where I nutted it was, I would do that, too. Finally, I might spooge in some kind of anti-seize in the hope that the sacrificial metals in it might preserve my bolt for longer service.

Doing all this will require some fiddling, but you're gonna have to fiddle with it to drill out that bolt remainder anyway.
I drilled out the old one last night and had to retap the hole (note to self, don't use loctite). Unfortunately, there's really no room behind the stay for much of a nut.

I'm curious why more racks don't use the wheel skewer? Seems like a pretty robust piece.
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