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Originally Posted by Gingerdamous View Post
Been looking around a good but and keep coming up empty...sadly.
Has anyone on here seen Hed track adaptors, or any adaptors that would work with trispokes, around anywhere? The rear in particular. . .

These would be for velodrome use, so ideally the adaptor would be meant for the application.

Sorry if this is somewhere else in the 230pages of replies, I just never saw it.
I am pretty sure they don't exist.

I looked for many years. I gambled on the Surrly Fixie working but the issue is that the freehub body for the TriSpoke is a Dura Ace, and the one fixed gear conversion kit (Surrly Fixie) works with 105/Ultegra. The freehub body attachment thread is totally different between the DA and the 105/Ult. HED had a kit for their wheels (HED3) but I don't know what freehub system they used and regardless I think the kits are gone now.

There is a fixed gear thing that screws onto the freewheel threads (of any freewheel wheel) but it can unscrew, which defeats the purpose of the lockring threads. I suppose you could epoxy it in place? I don't know the rules on that.

For the front wheel you can just buy a solid axle and put the same bearing dust cap axle nut things on the new axle. If you want you can use a skewer-type nut-bolt kit to hold the front wheel on (so instead of being a QR it's a long Allen bolt). I have those as well, mainly for front wheel use, but since I have solid front axles that's what I have on my TriSpoke. In fact I ran a track axle front TriSpoke for a few years on my road bike only because I didn't feel like taking 5 min to switch to the QR axle.
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