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E cargo bike for tight urban spaces with 1 kid - box or long tail?

Hi - hoping to get some advice or feedback on options for cargo bikes that are more compact/narrow. I think I could squeeze one in my garage behind my car, but it would be pretty tight.

I would mainly be using this bike to ride my 5 year old to/from school. We can walk now (she likes to scooter or ride her own bike on the sidewalk) but I'd just like to streamline things. Walking takes me around 20mins, and biking would cut that in half (or more).

I like the idea of a front-loading box style cargo bike. I think my daughter would like riding in front more than behind, and I see options for rain canopies that might extend our fall/spring biking a bit. That said, these bikes all seem huge. The Urban Arrow Family is 112lbs empty, and 8.5ft long. This bike seems like it would be awful to operate on city streets and it probably doesn't fit in my garage. Are there other front-loading box style cargo bikes that are more compact and also might be a bit lighter? Ideally something more like 24" wide and less than 7ft long.

I've seen "long tail" bikes (like the Rad Wagon), buy they seem way more limited in terms of cargo carrying, plus I think my kid would have more fun riding up front. The rain canopy option for the Rad Wagon seems pointless as the kids legs are still exposed and she'd be getting hit with more spray on the back. I worry if I go with this option, it wont' be viable for the majority of the school year and I'll just end up driving her.

Any suggestions? Is it naive to think that I could ride her to school on a cargo bike during crappy weather? I'm not talking about snow days or polar vortex, but maybe temps down to the 20's-30's and/or light rain, etc.

Any tips from urban parents out there on this topic?
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