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I work in Chicago sometimes, and when I'm there, I always use Divvy to get around (though I've only ridden a cargo bike there once, when I test-rode a Bullitt at 4-Star). Coming from North Carolina, the infrastructure there is pretty great -- but the best Chicago infrastructure of all is the grid of residential streets and alleys. Lane-splitting and riding in the door zone are always risky, no matter what kind of bike you're on. What I think you'll find, though, is that in practice the cargo bike doesn't feel wider than your ordinary bike. Once you get used to the steering, the actual experience of being on the road isn't too different. One advantage, though, is that people in cars tend to give me a lot more space when I'm on the Douze, especially with the kid.

I should have mentioned that if you can figure out how to buy a Douze (the F1 is now called the V2), you could buy it with the 600cm front section, which would take the overall length down to 243cm, exactly the same as the Bullitt, and the width down to 58cm (24") -- but that would of course give you significantly less space for the kid and cargo. My wife and I both found the Douze's steering way more intuitive than the Bullitt's, but I think you'd get used to the Bullitt with a little practice. I don't think there are any Douze dealers left in North America, but it might be worth asking Clever Cycles in Portland.

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