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Originally Posted by WhyFi View Post
Drives me nuts.

Between NYC livin' and a small house in MN, I'm accustomed to working in a small kitchen. For someone working alone, I think that a compact layout is beneficial, but you've gotta keep on top of clutter or you'll rapidly have a log-jam and efficiency will go to ****. Since I do the vast majority of the cooking/food prep in the house, I see the kitchen as my space and get a frustrated when others muck up the works. Along the lines of the "broken window" theory, I think that a dirty dish sitting out, on the counter or in the sink, is an invitation for a bigger mess.
Mrs. GeneJockey seems to think that putting a dish in the sink and running water into it means she's done her bit. "It's soaking!", even if it didn't even really need rinsing before putting in the dishwasher. And that belief has infected The Boys. And that leads to the dirty dish/broken window, and the next thin you know, the counter is piled high with dirty dishes.

The result of this is that whoever's supposed to make dinner looks at the kitchen and despairs instead of making dinner.
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