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Originally Posted by CTony View Post
Decided to convert 70s Motobecane bike into fixie bike came with steel rims.Have extra.Weimann wheel-set
canít find hub brand. 5sp freewheel QR.I would like to use nuted/ wingnut axles is this possible?and would I have redish rear wheel.Or would it be easier to purchase fixie rear wheel setup with flip flop and fixed gear so I donít have to dish wheel.Any Guidance.Thanks
Just answered this question in a post only two days ago...

And yes, if you convert an existing 5 speed hub, you'll need to redish the wheel. Luckily for you, the current hub probably has 120-122mm spacing, no changes needed there. Just set dimension A to 21mm-21.5mm on the gear side, fill out the rest for 120/122 using the non drive side, Then redish the wheel.

That's if there's enough threading overhead / underhead available for the spokes.

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