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Originally Posted by Iride01 View Post
Are you pushing the pump handle to the bottom of it's stroke or just stopping when the compressed air in the pumps piston starts fighting back? I don't know about your pump, but pumps that push more volume of air per stroke will get quite difficult to push the handle down that last 1/4" they need to go.

If you suspect the gauge in error, then go get a hand held gauge that will fit your valve stem and check if it shows a big difference from what the pump gauge shows.
Iím pushing down the handle completely, though it doesnít make a difference in my opinion. I could definitely get a bit more air into the tires, I guess I could maybe even go until 60 PSI. But already at 40 PSI (based on the gauge at least) the tires are quite firm, so I donít want to risk a blow-off or damage by forcing additional air into the tires.
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