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Originally Posted by Seattle Forrest View Post
It's ok not to do absolutely robust, lab quality measurements. You just can't draw any conclusions from the measurements you have. That's all.
with this I can't fully agree (scientific yes but any.. no). Many professional bike reviewers draws conclusion about bike compliance based purely on a subjective feelings. I want do this too but back it up with some sort of data measurements. I agree that I can't say based on my methodology exactly how much less vibrations a particular bike part generates but I can say in general that data supports my subjective fellings or not. I can also agree that with things like tires with inner tubes vs tubeless (small differences) my methodology is probably not enough (and maybe I will not be testing such things in future or change the way of describing the results) but my methodology totally shows that for example shockstop stem really mitigates a significant amount of vibrations. And this is all I want to know...

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