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Originally Posted by sweetspot View Post
I think it is time to chill out a little because things went too far. I never aspired to a real scientific measurements because those are near to immpossible in real life conditions and real life conditions it is what I am interested in. In lab you have a limited number of variables to control and in real life things change. So what if I will use a professional accelerometer and will measure vibrations on the frame or handlebar (and not on my body) when it is almost impossible to maintain exactly the same speed all the time or when temperature and / or humidity will change making for example ground more rugged so you will get different readings even when all other factors will stay the same.

I said before that for my purposes my current methodology is enough. It all started as a fun project and it will stay as a fun project that helps me evaluate the decrease of perceptable vibrations and by this find the bike parts or even whole bikes that will be more comfortable for me to ride. It is not a scientific project and if you look for one then I sincerely encourage you to do one. I will be very happy to see your results. And in the meantime let me do my fun project...
I think the disconnect started when OP began what appeared to be a comfort/tire thread without mentioning that it really is an unscientific fun but weird vibration reduction thread
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