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They have been dumping a ton of $ into the systems at USA Cycling. Getting off the old system (legacy) and into some better setups but in the process they seemingly willfully decided to drop results older than like 6 years. It sucks. I was about to go back and re-populate our state championship tallies but nope. Haven't cared enough to call in and see as I am sure those results are still available somewhere.

Stieda as a f'n 5?!! Now he is FINALLY my people.

As for coming back - One year I was racing Downers Grove with some of the best form I ever had (rat crap form for anyone real) and had an actual shot of doing well or at least I thought. Was schooled and housed by a rider I had never seen before. then ended up caught behind a wreck int he finish straight and dropped to 8th or 9th. Guy who won, "oh I was a cat 2 forever but I took some time off and they made me come back as a 4. Sorry. I won't be here long." *shrug* it's racing. There is always someone faster. Always.

Yes it is up to the upgrade coordinator. Especially now that the upgrade policy is no longer officially in the rule book but in the policy section or some such...

Another interesting fact- I was joking around during a LA meeting once and asked the upgrade coordinator who is my friend whom I was sitting next to "I wish I could downgrade to a 5 but the rulebook says you can't". Our area guy was there (Larry Martin for those that know him) so he says, "We can downgrade you but I just need Larry's OK. Hey Larry!" "Yeah?" "Can I downgrade Rob to a 5?" "Sure. Congrats on the downgrade Rob."
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