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Originally Posted by saddlesores View Post
you wanna tour? wanna stay healthy? buy some goldang insurance.
three months of travel insurance with covid cover will cost about a hundred bucks.
a day or two at a minimal wage job will pay for it.
If you tour for long enough, it is potentially *less expensive* for insurance than staying in the US (assuming you are allowed to travel).

For 2017 I realized I was going to meet criteria to not need a mandate to buy health insurance in the US, in particular I was not in the US for more than the limit of 35 days that year - and hence exempt. That mandate has since been repealed though my exposure to to expensive care still applied. Now as it turned out, I kept paying a policy that year (that didn't cover being outside the US) as well as a travel insurance (that did cover being outside the US). Part of the reason I continued to pay for US-based insurance was that if I got sick enough to require extended (less expensive) hospitalization overseas I would be at risk of two potential things happening (a) I might run out of time on my visa in a particular country and (b) my travel insurance had alternatives of either paying for my care or paying to return me to the US.
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