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Originally Posted by genec View Post
It's not the cycling that is dangerous... it's the other road users.

Guess I have never seen a strobe that bright during the day.

I like a flashing light during the day as it catches attention of drivers that really are not looking for you at all... and where traffic is moving at 45MPH, and higher, you do want to be seen, if you are actually sharing the road.

I also like an irregular flashing pattern...

I'd love to know about these too bright to look at in daylight strobes... just so I DON'T buy one. I use an old Niterider system that honestly has served me quite well. I have replaced one of the lamps and the battery, and it does have a flash mode... but these are not xenon tubes.... just simple halogens. (yeah, that old). I don't flash at night. For rear lighting I use an LED blinky, but also that Niterider steady light, and a small blinky on the back of my helmet... that 3 light pattern just makes me more noticeable, and the steady red makes me easy to see.

But again... I have never seen a day light strobe that I could not look at... I suppose it is possible; I have seen camera flashes in daylight that made me blink.
The thing is that flashing lights or pulsing lights are not the same as strobe light mode and thus those other two are not nearly as annoying/obnoxious as a strob light is.

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