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Originally Posted by indyfabz View Post
Bike touring doesn’t require weeks or months off. While I have taken months and weeks off to tour, the majority of my tours have been three day affairs. Just did another three-day trip starting this past Wednesday.

When I took an extended break from the working world, health insurance was a major concern. A few minutes ago I was looking at the scar on my palm that resulted from three stitches I got in Cut Bank, MT, during my cross country tour. Glad I was able to extend my coverage through COBRA. I also did (and still do) have a mechanical heart valve and thus have to take blood thinners. Thankful for my good insurance through work.
OP mentions "a longer bike tour" and "riding for three months." It doesn't sound like we're talking about three-day tours, here. I also am not sure why we would be discussing the consternation about health insurance for a weekend trip, as it's not a consideration most people would have.
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